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Thank You for Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary with Us on May 14, 2022

Our 20th Anniversary CARE Walk has made more than $30,000, so this is our most successful CARE Walk money-wise.  We had approximately 200 participants on a beautiful sunny morning—not the 800 of years past.  The continued low attendance even after two years of COVID has confirmed that our wonderful sponsors and people in the community LOVE what we do, but they are too busy to attend a 5k event in May, which is a busy month to have a walk!  Perhaps someone will take over our CARE Walk 5k or adapt it into something else, like a CARE Challenge or something that continues to support local folks, but for now, there are no plans in place.. 


Where do we go from here?  Our CARE Walk team members and hopefully others in the community will support the 5k’s and events of the other local organizations who help women with breast cancer diagnoses.  Fortunately, there are many to choose from now that weren’t around 20 years ago when we started the CARE Walk 5k.  Breast Wishes, Living with Lymphedema, Noble Circle, Norma J Ross Foundation, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, Pink Ribbon Girls….  all support the breast health of women in Dayton. 


CARE Walk has had a great 20 years, and we should all be proud of our community for raising more than $300k for the underserved and uninsured in our community.  Just because this is our leadership team’s last CARE Walk 5k does not mean that breast cancer has been defeated or that people don’t need support.  Recent medical studies have shown that isolation and stress caused by COVID has increased the rate of breast cancer in women.   We hope everyone will support the many organizations devoted to breast health in our community in the future, and we continue to dream of a world without cancer so these walks are not needed anymore.  


Laura's Pink Ribbon Cookies Have  Raised a lot of DOUGH! 

A BIG THANK YOU to Laura's Cookies for the generous donation of pink ribbon cookies over the years.  Our cookie sales have generated tens of thousands of dollars that has helped us support the uninsured and underserved in Dayton.  Laura's Cookies are available only at Dorothy Lane Market.  Please support Laura as well as our many other generous sponsors who have helped so many in our community. 


Early Detection Is the Best Protection

Our CARE Walk team of volunteers would like to remind everyone that early detection is the best protection. Please take time for monthly self-exams and yearly exams with your doctor, and don’t forget to schedule your mammograms. It’s easy to forget to take care of YOU during the busy-ness of life, but it is essential for breast health.  Click here to learn about early detection.


Nature reminds us not to forget to monthly self-exams!


We want to thank everyone in our community who supports our dream of a world without cancer.  Thanks to this support, we have been able to help hundreds of survivors/thrivers with services and to reach countless people with our message of "early detection is the best protection." Because we are a team of volunteers, 100% of the proceeds from CARE Walk goes to the cause and stays here in Dayton.


If you would like more information about how can you get involved with some wonderful local organizations that support breast cancer survivors/thrivers, please send us an email at


Our dream is that these cheerleaders will grow up to a world without breast cancer... or cancer of any kind!

CARE Walk has raised over $300,000 since we began!

We want to thank everyone in our community who has supported our dream of a world without cancer.  Thanks to this support, we have raised more than $300,000 for breast cancer patients and education since 2001.  Because we are a team of volunteers, all of the proceeds from CARE Walk goes to the cause and stays right here in Dayton.  You can learn more about the many ways CARE Walk participates in breast health initiatives in our community by reading more on our About and Outreach pages.If you would like more information, please send us an email at

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