CARE Walk puts the CARE in all that it does!  On behalf of all breast cancer survivors/thrivers, thank you for supporting us so we can support them.

Our Priority Is To Help People in the Miami Valley

Over the years we have helped many people in the Miami Valley through our donations to various breast cancer organizations:   The Breast Cancer Foundation, The Breast Cancer Task Force of the Greater Miami Valley, The Cancer Prevention Institute, Hipple Cancer Research, Living with Lymphedema, Maple Tree Cancer Alliance, Noble Circle, Pink Ribbon Girls, and the Sister-Sister Breast Cancer Support Group.

CARE Walk Funds Renovations at Maple Tree Care Alliance

CARE Walk provided the money for the supplies needed to build equipment storage racks at the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance Exercise center.  Jacob Kordik, with the help of his fellow scouts in Troop 320, provided the design and labor. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Video Contest

CARE Walk has supported the Breast Cancer Awareness Video Contest available to all high school students in the Miami Valley. Students create videos promoting a designated aspect of breast cancer awareness, post them on YouTube, and encourage all their friends and family to watch the videos and vote for their favorites. There are two categories for winners—one for most hits on YouTube and the other for best video message.


Here are a few of the winning videos:


Run from the Risk

It Doesn't Have to be a Secret

The Truth

Don't Believe the Myths

Shed Some Light

It's Not a Stalemate

Breast Cancer Prevention 101

Beat the Monster

Breast Cancer PSA


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