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Our Story

The Breast Cancer 5K CARE Walk began in the hearts of the Oakwood Schools' PE students.  Students noticed a couple of moms walking in the neighborhood A LOT, training for a 60-mile walk for breast cancer in Atlanta. The moms were invited into the PE classes to walk with and talk about long distance walking and training in the elementary and junior and senior high schools. In every class, the same question came up again and again: Why are you walking so much? When the students learned about the breast cancer cause, many wanted to walk too. Several students had family members who had had breast cancer, and the majority of the students knew of someone who had the disease. The kids wanted to do something to help right here in Dayton, and that is how the Breast Cancer 5K CARE Walk started in 2002.  CARE Walk has gotten bigger and better year after year thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, sponsors, and students.

The CARE Walk team has raised a LOT of money in the fight against cancer. Since 2003, 100% of the proceeds from our walk go directly to the underserved and uninsured right here in the Miami Valley.   We are completely volunteer-driven to get the most out of the money we collect, and all donations are fully tax-deductible thanks to our Fund at the The Dayton Foundation. 


Our CARE Walk team believes children should grow up in a world without breast cancer. Our hopes are fourfold: Cure for breast cancer; Access to mammograms, treatments, and support groups for families of all income levels; Research to prevent and stop the progress of breast cancer; and Education to spread the word about this "silent disease" that affects 1 in 8 women.


CARE Walk attracts all sorts of people: young, old, big, small, male, female, students, parents, teachers, coaches, etc. We are very indebted to all of these walkers, local businesses, the City and Schools of Oakwood, and a large number of service groups, such as Oakwood Giving, Lumberjack Leaders, athletic teams, cheerleaders, various church youth groups, and local boy and girl scouts. We would sincerely like to thank our volunteers, sponsors, and prize donors.  Without them, the continued growing success of CARE Walk would not be possible.


We invite all citizens and businesses to join us and step up to our challenge of creating a world without breast cancer. We believe it will happen—after all, Dayton is a place where dreams come true. One hundred years ago, two Dayton brothers dreamed of flying, which was considered impossible. We dream of a world without cancer, and we believe it is possible if enough of us take the steps to meet the challenge.  Wouldn't that be a wonderful gift to leave our children and their children?


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